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Our City...

Our City...


This is 'our city' - Liverpool. This particular day I’d been really busy and I had only decided to go at the very last minute. Traffic was a nightmare so the closest I could park was Queen’s Square. I knew the fireworks were about to start at 6.30 so quickly headed down Dale Street towards the Pier Head. At the town hall I stopped to ask one of the stewards if he knew whereabouts on the river the fireworks would be set off from this year and he said that I definitely wouldn’t see anything from this position but needed to be down at the waterfront. Halfway down Water Street and quickly running out of time, I realised I wouldn’t get to a suitable position for the start with so many people on the Pier Head. I stopped, turned round, and returned to the top of the street, which was closed off to traffic. Here, I just about managed to set up my tripod and dial my settings into the camera before the initial fireworks went off over the Liver Building. I knew immediately that I had made the right decision - not only could I capture the bursts immediately to the left of the Liver Birds, but I could also include the classic view of the grand buildings that line Water Street. I was able to take as many images as I could, some of which included the few other people who were watching from this vantage point. Just before the finale, the girl in the beige coat walked into the middle of the street and stopped in the exact centre of my composition - it doesn’t happen all that often but sometimes you just know that you’ve captured something special. 


    Gloss on 271gsm Fuji professional paper


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