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About me

My photography career started in 2016 when my image of the Liver Birds surrounded by fog went viral via my social media channels. A lot of people messaged me wanting to buy a print of the photograph. This success of 'Rise Above' pushed me on to learn as much as I could about photography, and to try my best to capture the beauty of Liverpool. I am completely self taught, relying on various photography books, YouTube tutorials, as well as being inspired by other great photographers.

Liverpool is one of the most photogenic cities in the world and I have always approached my work with the aim of photographing somewhat 'different' compositions to those that have been taken previously. This is not always achievable but over the years I have been fortunate to take what many consider to be some of the most original and unique images of the city. 

In 2019 I was commissioned to write and photograph for a new title in the fotoVue book series 'Explore and Discover Liverpool'. The book was published in 2024. Several companies and organisations, including Visit Britain, have licensed some of my images for commercial use around the world. I also love to inspire other people and to pass on my passion for photography by doing talks at various societies and groups. I cannot understate the mental health benefits that can be gained from being outdoors with a camera or a phone camera.

Away from photography, I live with my wife and teenage daughter just across the Mersey from Liverpool. I am a football and music fan, and enjoy keeping fit by running regularly, playing 5-a-side, and spending time hiking up in the hills and mountains both in the UK and abroad (with my camera!).

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