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At the end of the rainbow

At the end of the rainbow


I had just alighted the ferry at Seacombe when the sky suddenly darkened and the torrential rain started. The sun was still out and the brightest rainbow I had ever seen lit up against the grey sky. I quickly realised that if I could get further up river I would be able to photograph the rainbow hitting the Liver Building. Worried it would disappear, I ran as fast as I could along the bank until the colours were lined up perfectly. I was soaking wet and out of breath..... but I had got the photograph i'd hoped for !


    Giclee print on 300gsm cotton Matt paper.


    All prices include postage and packing. Prints are sent by Royal Mail. Please allow 7 working days from placing your order to receiving it, although it is often quicker. Please see the 'Delivery' section for more details.

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