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All these places have their moments

All these places have their moments


You can leave Liverpool, but Liverpool never leaves you. Sailing across the Mersey aboard the Dazzle Ferry, this bench is the perfect place to sit and admire the city's famous waterfront. 'All these places have their moments..'

This particular photograph took weeks of planning. I'd been travelling by ferry quite regularly and was always looking for a new unique composition. One afternoon, this door which was nomally closed had been left open, and I saw the potential immediately. The problem is that there are normally a lot of people sat or stood out on the deck here, it is not always this sunny, and the door is not always wedged open. More problematically, the ferry turns very quickly so this specific view through the door is not easy to capture at all.

After several failed attempts, I finally got the photograph I wanted. The dark surround of the interior of the ferry leads the eye out on to the brighter exterior of the outer deck and the sunlit Liver Building beyond. The colours of the image work really well, and this giclee print truly looks outstanding on any wall.


    Giclee print on 300gsm cotton Matt paper.


    All prices include postage and packing. Prints are sent by Royal Mail. Please allow 7 working days from placing your order to receiving it, although it is often quicker. Please see the 'Delivery' section for more details.

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